Custom patches for the Alpine Linux build system, abuild


README for Adélie Linux Build Software
* **A. Wilcox**, Distro Lead
* **Adélie Linux Developers and Users**, contributions
© 2019 Adélie Linux Team. Mix of MIT and GPL 2 open source licences.


This repository contains the software used to build the Adélie Linux package
set. It is used by Adélie Linux for package building to create the repository
used by Adélie's APK package manager.

Most of the code in this repository is licensed GPL-2.0-only. The
``abuild-fetch`` applet is licensed under the MIT license.

Any changes to this repository - additions, removal, or version bumps - must
be reviewed before being pushed to the master branch. There are no exceptions
to this rule. For security-sensitive updates, contact the Security Team at


This section contains a high-level view of the contents of this repository.

``abuild-fetch``: Download package sources
The ``abuild-fetch`` applet is used to download package sources from the

``abuild-tar``: Archive manipulation
The ``abuild-tar`` applet is used to manipulate ``tar`` files into ``APK``
files. More on the APK file format is discussed on our wiki_.

.. _wiki: https://wiki.adelielinux.org/wiki/APK_internals

``abuild``: Package building
The ``abuild`` script is the script responsible for building packages.

``newapkbuild``: Package recipe creation
The ``newapkbuild`` script is used to create new package recipes, called
``APKBUILD`` files. More information can be found in the Handbook_ or the
man page installed with the ``abuild-doc`` package (``man 5 APKBUILD``).

.. _Handbook: https://help.adelielinux.org/html/devel/