Commit 5b7b1f80 authored by Breno Leitao's avatar Breno Leitao Committed by Ariadne Conill

abuild: Add support for lzip source packages

Currently abuild does not understand .tar.lz packages, which blocks
the inclusion of certain packages in Alpine Linux.

I found this issue when adding 'ed' package to the repository. With
this change, abuild package will now depend on lzip package. I might
send a patch for abuild's APKBUILD.
parent c95263d8
......@@ -418,6 +418,9 @@ default_unpack() {
msg "Unpacking $s..."
tar -C "$srcdir" -jxf "$s" || return 1;;
msg "Unpacking $s..."
tar -C "$srcdir" --lzip -xf "$s" || return 1;;
msg "Unpacking $s..."
unlzma -c "$s" | tar -C "$srcdir" -x \
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