Commit 81c88882 authored by Jakub Jirutka's avatar Jakub Jirutka
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buildlab: replace echos in usage with heredoc

parent 948fedc5
......@@ -221,33 +221,35 @@ build_package() {
usage() {
echo "buildlab $program_version"
echo " "
echo "Common options:"
echo " "
echo " -q Quiet operation"
echo " -p Path to buildroot"
echo " "
echo "Creating build roots (buildlab -C):"
echo " "
echo " -m APK repository mirror"
echo " -v APK distribution version"
echo " -a APK repository architecture"
echo " -k Enable APK caching"
echo " "
echo "Updating build roots (buildlab -u):"
echo " "
echo " No special options."
echo " "
echo "Building packages (buildlab -b):"
echo " "
echo " -b APKBUILD file"
echo " "
echo "Examples:"
echo " "
echo "sudo ./buildlab -C -p /home/nenolod/buildroot -m -v edge -a x86_64"
echo "sudo ./buildlab -b /home/nenolod/aports/main/gnome-panel/APKBUILD -p /home/nenolod/buildroot"
echo "sudo ./buildlab -u -p /home/nenolod/buildroot"
cat <<-EOF
buildlab $program_version
Common options:
-q Quiet operation
-p Path to buildroot
Creating build roots (buildlab -C):
-m APK repository mirror
-v APK distribution version
-a APK repository architecture
-k Enable APK caching
Updating build roots (buildlab -u):
No special options.
Building packages (buildlab -b):
-b APKBUILD file
sudo ./buildlab -C -p /home/nenolod/buildroot -m -v edge -a x86_64
sudo ./buildlab -b /home/nenolod/aports/main/gnome-panel/APKBUILD -p /home/nenolod/buildroot
sudo ./buildlab -u -p /home/nenolod/buildroot
unset force
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