Verified Commit 2a980367 authored by A. Wilcox's avatar A. Wilcox

/etc/profile: finally remove last vestiage of Portage

parent fb890d70
# Please note, the following section may be REMOVED at any time.
# It is a remnant of the Gentoo Portage bootstrap system that was used to
# create the initial versions of Adélie Linux.
# Load environment settings from profile.env, which is created by
# env-update from the files in /etc/env.d
if [ -e /etc/profile.env ] ; then
. /etc/profile.env
# End deprecated Gentoo Portage section
[ -x /usr/bin/vim ] && export EDITOR=${EDITOR:-/usr/bin/vim}
[ -x /usr/bin/less ] && export PAGER=${PAGER:-/usr/bin/less}
......@@ -28,9 +15,9 @@ export PATH
# Users don't want anyone else writing their files. System applications allow
# their group-mates to write.
if [ $UID -gt 499 ]; then
umask 027
umask 022
umask 007
umask 002
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