Commit 22abda2a authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs

inhibit printing same 'required by' dependency multiple times

this would happen if same package matched multiple times due to
multiple provided names.
parent 59271f8c
......@@ -520,6 +520,7 @@ static void analyze_name(struct print_state *ps, struct apk_name *name)
struct apk_provider *p0;
struct apk_dependency *d0;
char tmp[256];
unsigned int genid;
int refs;
if (name->providers->num) {
......@@ -555,11 +556,15 @@ static void analyze_name(struct print_state *ps, struct apk_name *name)
apk_print_indented_fmt(&ps->i, "world[%s]",
apk_dep_snprintf(tmp, sizeof(tmp), d0));
genid = apk_foreach_genid();
foreach_array_item(pname0, name->rdepends) {
name0 = *pname0;
foreach_array_item(p0, name0->providers) {
if (!p0->pkg->marked)
if (p0->pkg->foreach_genid == genid)
p0->pkg->foreach_genid = genid;
foreach_array_item(d0, p0->pkg->depends) {
if (d0->name != name || d0->conflict)
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