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<para>This Developer's Handbook is the official documentation for developing the Adélie Linux 1.0 system. It is designed for developers interested in working on the distribution itself; for general information on programming your computer running the Adélie Linux system, see the User's Handbook chapter "Getting started with programming".</para>
<para>Many contributed to the final version of the Handbook. This includes <personname><firstname>Natanael</firstname><surname>Copa</surname></personname> and <personname><firstname>Timo</firstname><surname>Teräs</surname></personname> from Alpine Linux.</para>
<para>Many contributed to the final version of the Handbook.</para>
<para>It is assumed that you, the reader, are familiar with using a terminal or command line interface, the use of Unix commands, and the compilation of software. If you are not yet familiar with these concepts, start with our User's Handbook, which will assist you in learning them.</para>
<para>Please also ensure that you are comfortable and properly rested before reading this handbook. This will allow you to learn quicker, and be able to recall the information you have learned easier.</para>
<para>It is hoped by the author that you find this handbook easy to understand and read. Please feel free to contact me or the Adélie Linux community if you have any suggestions on how to make this handbook better. We'd love to hear from you, and we hope you enjoy using our distribution.</para>
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