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<para>On Linux or BSD systems, you can use either <command>cdrecord</command> or <command>cdrskin</command> to write the installation image to a CD via the command line. Both commands basically share the same syntax.</para>
<para>For example, to burn the image onto a CD at a speed of 4 and with verbose command output, run <command>cdrecord -v speed=4 <userinput>[image]</userinput></command> or <command>cdrskin -v speed=4 <userinput>[image]</userinput></command>, replacing <userinput>[image]</userinput> with the file name of the image you want to burn to the CD.</para>
<para>If there's only one optical disc drive on your system, it should be auto-detected. If not, find the device name using 'dmesg' or 'lsblk' and specify it using the 'dev' option. For example, if your optical device is <literal>/dev/sr0</literal>, run <command>cdrecord -v dev=/dev/sr0 speed=4 <userinput>[image]</userinput></command>.</para>
<para>To write an installation image to a USB flash drive, you can use the <command>dd</command> command.</para>
<para>First, you'll need to get the name of the target device. This can be done by looking at the output of <command>dmesg</command> or any program that lists available storage devices (such as <command>lsblk</command> on Linux) before and after connecting the drive to the computer.</para>
<para>It's a good idea to double-check if you've got that device name right. Make sure you're using the name of the whole drive (such as, e.g., <literal>/dev/sde</literal>) and not merely that of a partition residing on it (e.g., <literal>/dev/sde1</literal>).</para>
<para>Next, make sure the device is not mounted. Then run the <command>dd</command> command and after that the <command>sync</command> command as shown below, replacing <literal>/dev/sdX</literal> with the actual name of the target device and <literal>adelie.iso</literal> with the file name of the image you want to put onto the flash drive. Running these commands may require superuser privileges.</para>
<para>Beware that this operation will <emphasis>destroy all data</emphasis> still residing on the target device!</para>
<para><command>dd if=adelie.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync</command></para>
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