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<para>The Adélie Linux system uses <firstterm><package>netifrc</package></firstterm> as its network configuration and management system. The netifrc system uses a declarative configuration syntax in a single file, <filename>/etc/conf.d/net</filename>, for ease of administration. All main system network configuration is declared in this file. Some additional configuration may be required for wireless or VPN connections; notably, wireless connections require WPA Supplicant to be configured using either <package>wpa_gui</package> (on computers that use X11), or in the <filename>/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf</filename> file.</para>
<para>The default configuration for the Adélie Linux system uses the traditional Linux interface names (such as "eth0", "eth1", and "wlan0"). If you prefer the new "predictable" interface names (such as "enP2p36s15f0" or "wlp9s0"), refer to <xref linkend="crappy_udev_ifs" />.</para>
<title>A netfirc primer</title>
<title>A netifrc primer</title>
<para>The netifrc configuration file consists of INI-style configuration variables. For example, <literal>config_eth0="dhcp"</literal> sets the variable <varname>config_eth0</varname> to the value <literal>dhcp</literal>. By default, all interfaces on the system that are enabled will attempt to retrieve a DHCP address. Retrieving a DHCP address requires the <package>dhcpcd</package> package to be installed.</para>
<para>To enable a network interface, you must create a symbolic link to <filename>/etc/init.d/net.lo</filename> in <filename class="directory">/etc/init.d</filename> named <filename>net.<replaceable>IFACE</replaceable></filename> where <replaceable>IFACE</replaceable> is the name of the interface. For example, for the interface named <literal>eth0</literal>, you would run <command>ln -s /etc/init.d/net.lo /etc/init.d/net.eth0</command>. Next, you need to add the service to the default runlevel. As noted in <xref linkend="enable_disable_rc" />, you would run <command>rc-update add net.<userinput>IFACE</userinput> default</command> to enable the net.<replaceable>IFACE</replaceable> service. You may then <link linkend="start_stop_rc">start the service</link>, assuming the interface has been configured properly in <filename>/etc/conf.d/net</filename>.</para>
<para>To disable a network interface, you must first <link linkend="start_stop_rc">stop it</link>, if it is running. Next, <link linkend="enable_disable_rc">remove it from the default runlevel</link> (<command>rc-update del net.<userinput>IFACE</userinput> default</command>). Finally, remove the symbolic link in <filename class="directory">/etc/init.d</filename>.</para>
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