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<section id="differences">
<title>What sets Adélie apart</title>
<para>The Adélie Linux operating environment has many features that stand out from other environments.</para>
<para>The Adélie Linux operating environment has many features that make it stand out from other environments.</para>
<title>Libre software only</title>
<para>The first, and most important, is dedication to only providing libre software. What is "libre software"? Simply put, libre software is software that gives power to you as a user, instead of giving power to the developer or a corporation. Many proprietary software packages have long contracts (sometimes termed "license agreements" or "EULAs") that restrict what you can do with them. Libre software allows you the right to use it in any manner you wish, and the right to be able to change it yourself if you find an issue with it. For many, this may not seem important, since most people are not computer programmers and cannot actually change software themselves. On the contrary, it is very important. This allows those who are computer programmers, security researchers, and other interested parties to review the source code for errors. If an error, defect, or security issue is found during a review, it can be rectified nearly instantly.</para>
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