Contribution Guide for Adélie Linux Package Set

  • A. Wilcox, documentation writer
Status: Draft
Copyright: © 2017-2018 Adélie Linux Team. NCSA open source licence.


This repository contains the Adélie Linux package set. It is used by the Adélie Linux build system for package building to create the repository used by Adélie's APK package manager.


As the Adélie Linux project is an open-source Linux distribution, packages contained in this repository must also be provided under a license recognised by the OSI.


Any changes to this repository - additions, removal, or version bumps - must be reviewed before being pushed to the master branch. There are no exceptions to this rule. For security-sensitive updates, contact the Security Team at

Package Format

This section describes the APKBUILD format and patch format required for packages in this repository.

Source URIs

It is recommended that any package present in this repository use an official Adélie Linux mirror for any files downloaded (*), unless the file resides on the package's official package mirror.

Exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis for issues such as file size or rapid version change.


It is highly encouraged that you use comments in your package. This grants other developers and the Adélie Linux team the same level of understanding that you have over the package.

Contributing Changes

This section describes the usual flows of contribution to this repository. For a detailed description of how to contribute to Adélie Linux, review the Handbook.

GitLab Pull Requests

  1. If you do not already have a GitLab account, you must create one.
  2. Create a fork of the packages repository. For more information, consult the GitLab online documentation.
  3. Clone your forked repository to your computer.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Test your changes to ensure they are correct.
  6. Add (or remove) changed files using git add and git rm.
  7. Commit your changes to the tree using the commands git commit -S and git push.
  8. Visit your forked repository in a Web browser.
  9. Choose the Create Pull Request button.
  10. Review your changes to ensure they are correct, and then submit the form.

Mailing List

  1. Clone the packages repository to your computer.

  2. Make your changes.

  3. Test your changes to ensure they are correct.

  4. Add (or remove) changed files using git add and git rm.

  5. Commit your changes to the tree using the command git commit -S.

  6. Use the command git format-patch HEAD^ to create a patch file for your commit.


    If you have made multiple commits to the tree, you will need to add an additional ^ for each commit you have made. For example, if you have made three commits, you will use the command git format-patch HEAD^^^.

  7. Email the resulting patch to the mailing list, using git send-email or your mail client. The mailing list is