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README for Adélie Linux Site Control System

Authors: A. Wilcox, author
Adélie Linux Developers and Users, contributions
Status: Production
Copyright: © 2018 Adélie Linux Team. NCSA open source licence.


This repository contains the Adélie Linux Site Control System. This software is used to control the Adélie Linux Web server.


Any changes to this repository must be reviewed before being pushed to the master branch. For security-sensitive updates, contact the Security Team at

Contents GitLab hook listener listens for GitLab push events, and then manipulates the file system to trigger site-control to perform the needed updates. Implementation for site-control

site-control watches the file system to determine when to perform updates. When triggered by, site-control will pull changes from the changed Git repository, and then (if necessary) rebuild the files.


Run qmake (or qt5-qmake) to generate a Makefile for site-control. Then run make. is typically run by a uWSGI process; the ini file is contained in this directory as githook.ini.