An installer for Adélie Linux

Forked from Elizafox



This is a basic installer for Adélie Linux, codenamed "High Noon."


The installer requires the following utilities and/or packages:

  • A POSIX-compatible shell
  • apk
  • A GNU compliant date
  • dhcpcd
  • dialog or compatible program
  • $EDITOR to be set (or vim)
  • ip
  • lsblk
  • mkfs.xfs and mkfs.ext4
  • parted
  • tzdata (for /usr/share/zoneinfo/)

With a bit of work, many of these requirements are flexible, except a POSIX-compliant shell.


  • You have 3GB or more of disk space
  • You are using a supported Adélie Linux architecture
  • This is actually Adélie Linux you're installing (Alpine may work but it's not supported)
  • No aliases are set (just don't do it)

Code style

  • Tab indents, no spaces; the way it's meant to be
  • Limit lines to 80 columns
  • No shell constructs that aren't POSIX, except for non-POSIX commands when needed
  • Unless you have a good reason, use dialog for all UI elements
  • Use subshells unless you have good reason (example: fn () ( ... ) instead of fn () { ... }


  • More than an entomologist's office, no doubt
  • This is basically a prototype that will hopefully not live too long, or at least be rewritten
  • Utility error outputs should be redirected to a log file
  • Needs more debugging instrumentation (see also: logging)
  • It's in shell, which is a colossal bug in of itself
  • It's all very blue, because dialog is very blue; perhaps we should make a dialogrc that is less blue
  • The manual config flows really suck right now
  • Wireless network config
  • LVM/PV/RAID needed for disks
  • Better automatic fstab generation