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  • v5.6.4+adelie2   v5.6.4+adelie2 * plugins/output/cli: fix bug where only first package's details were shown * Fix boolean CLI options so that they are actually respected * Move to NVD JSON 1.0 feed API * New dependency: jansson http://www.digip.org/jansson/ * XML feed API is deprecated and will vanish on Oct 9: https://nvd.nist.gov/General/News/XML-Vulnerability-Feed-Retirement * Update tests to use JSON APIs
    Release v5.6.4+adelie2
  • v5.6.4+adelie1   v5.6.4+adelie1 * Add APKBUILD support * Add APKBUILD tests
    6d312e20 · Add APKBUILD tests ·
    Release v5.6.4+adelie1
  • v5.6.4   v5.6.4 - Minor maintanence update to cve-check-tool due to NVD changes - You MUST update to this release to continue using cve-check-tool! Note this is now the last release of cve-check-tool in the current 5.x series. Many requirements have begun to emerge of late, that the tool in it's current form does not serve. Consequently, cve-check-tool will be rebased upon libnica, to provide the core type/library functionalities. This will reduce complexity by proxying much development and testing to an isolated library. The remainder of the tools innards will be cleaned up, and "libraryfied" to form the basis of a cleanroom reimplementation of cve-check-tool. This will fix the limited scope issue to serve more needs, as well as drop old code and speed everything up, and add the long-awaited multiple data sources.
    a225dea4 · Release v5.6.4 ·
  • v5.6.3   v5.6.2 - Small code cleanups - Support running from git tree properly - Enable relative plugin locations for ISAFW (--enable-relative-plugins) - Support older compilers and Clang
    8ca596f7 · Release v5.6.3 ·
  • v5.6.2   v5.6.2: - Remove JIRA plugin for now due to many issues - Further deglibification - Fix segfault on forced types
    5866f531 · Release v5.6.2 ·
  • v5.6.1   Release simple update due to broken test suite
  • v5.6   cve-check-tool v5.6 - Many improvements to advisory locking support, for parallel usage - Many many code cleanups - Use NVD META file and check data integrity of XML downloads - Add "-o" option for all stdout using report plugins - Further deglibification (issue #21) - Further database optimisations - Be more considerate in I/O ops (posix_fadvise, malloc_trim, etc)
    f0944514 · Release 5.6 ·
  • v5.5   cve-check-tool v5.5 - Many code cleanups - Completely modular approach to package formats - Full separation in API - Enable atomic operations for Yocto buildbot/bitbake environment - Enable direct inspection of .src.rpm - Enable direct inspection of faux.csv type file - Fix bugs relating to faux input - Fix overwrites in recursive scenarios
    d0caa48a · Release v5.5 ·
  • v5.4   v5.4 Maintenance release: Simple cleanup, performance fixes and build fixes for realpath issues
    2f6e09df · Release v5.4 ·
  • v5.3   Maintainence release with cleanups, clang compatibility and relro. Also sees the incorporation of a "faux" package type to enable integration in more projects.
    2afbc8aa · Release 5.3 ·
  • v5.2   Quick maintainence release for distribution maintainers
    f6864a3e · Release 5.2 ·
  • v5.1   Tag 5.1 for distribution releases, due to key fixes after v5
    d6a039b9 · Release v5.1 ·
  • v5   - Begin moving to plugin-based system - Add global package name mapping support - Migrated to sqlite database - Split update step into cve-check-update binary - De-glibify many parts of the project (dirty/leak) - Large refactor enabling more coverage and testing - Tracked down our leaks discovered in deglibification - Many fixes, performance improvements - Tagging to enable work to start on the complete refactor and deglibification
    69b81b08 · Release v5 ·
  • v4
    817baa49 · Bumped version to 4 ·
  • v3   V3 - stable target for validation while devloping V4
    f6fdea81 · Release v3 ·
  • v2   Release v2
    06e89d90 · Release v2 ·
  • v1   Initial v1 upload
    e860c9a5 · Initial import ·