Commit 20d67199 authored by A. Wilcox's avatar A. Wilcox

XBridge: Use const void * instead of uintptr_t for member size in calloc call.

parent dbba6388
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ void bridge_helper_cppify_dict(NSDictionary *changedKeys, WTDictionary *properti
properties->set([key UTF8String], [val pointerValue]);
else if([val isKindOfClass:[NSArray class]])
const void **array = static_cast<const void **>(calloc(sizeof(uintptr_t), [val count]));
const void **array = static_cast<const void **>(calloc(sizeof(const void *), [val count]));
NSUInteger next_obj = 0;
for(; next_obj < [val count]; next_obj++)
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