The ISO creation utility


Adélie Image Tools
A\. Wilcox
© 2018 Adélie Linux Team. NCSA open source licence.


This repository contains the Adélie Linux image tools, which are used by the
Release Engineering team to create the official Adélie Linux ISO images.

The tools contained in this repository are licensed under the NCSA open source
license. The bzImage files are created from the ``system/easy-kernel``
package (the ``/boot/vmlinuz`` file created for each architecture is copied
unchanged to ``bzImage-${ARCH}``), and as such are licensed under the kernel's
GPL2 license.

Any changes to this repository must be reviewed before being pushed to the
master branch. There are no exceptions to this rule. For security-sensitive
updates, contact the Security Team at sec-bugs@adelielinux.org.


This section contains usage information for the software in this repository.


This script is where the magic happens. ``adelie-build-cd`` will create the ISO for
the architecture specified (defaulting to the currently running system
architecture if not specified).

``adelie-build-cd`` requires the following utilities to be installed on your computer:

* apk-tools
* cpio
* squashfs-tools
* A variant of ``mkisofs`` - releng uses the cdrkit package.

``adelie-build-cd`` is run on the Z shell on official releng machines, but should be
functional in any POSIX compliant shell; it relies on no non-POSIX shell

The ``cdinit-${ARCH}`` file must exist in the directory that you run
``adelie-build-cd``; it does not need to be in the same directory as the ``adelie-build-cd``
script itself.


This functions as early init for the CD, probing for the SquashFS root and
mounting it appropriately. Pre-compiled binaries statically linked to the
current release's version of musl, util-linux, and eudev are provided for each
Tier I and Tier II architecture of the current release.

You may build your own ``cdinit``, for verification purposes or for another
architecture, and place it in the same directory as you invoke ``adelie-build-cd``.

Reporting Issues

If you have issues installing with the official media, you should report your
issue to `the BTS`_.

If you have issues running ``adelie-build-cd`` or compiling ``cdinit``, you may file
an issue in the GitLab repository.

.. _the BTS: http://bts.adelielinux.org/